Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy

How physiotherapy can help

Neurological conditions can cause severe disability. You could require help to regain old abilities, learn new skills, or to cope with permanent disabilities. This process is known as rehabilitation, and physiotherapy is one of its main tools.

The aim of treatment is to help you regain as much movement as possible and cope with any remaining difficulties, such as walking, moving an affected arm and hand, learning to use both sides of your body again, or managing any pain or stiffness in your joints. Manchester Physio will also be able to advise on the use of aids, such as splints and walking sticks.

What treatment involves

Physiotherapy uses specific exercises, techniques and massage to keep muscles and joints in working order. If your condition has caused problems with your movement, balance or coordination, you will usually have physiotherapy.

Not only is it best to start physiotherapy as soon as is feasible, but early treatment also helps to prevent any joint stiffness or tightness in your muscles becoming established. If you are confined to a bed or chair, the therapist will start by correcting and varying your position to improve your posture, balance and comfort. The therapist will spend the first few sessions working with you to assess in more detail your physical problems, as well as your needs and priorities. The therapist will take into account your condition and will work with you to set a number of goals.

Involving your family

With your consent, your therapist will encourage a member of your family, or main carer, to attend the rehabilitation sessions with you. The therapist may provide simple instructions or diagrams so you can practise the exercises between sessions. The therapist may also show your family how to help you practise your exercises and incorporate them into everyday activities.

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