First visit

First visit

At Stockport Physio an initial consultation is usually one hour long. This consists of a full biomechanical assessment and clinical diagnosis. Following this the physiotherapist will outline your treatment plan and estimate the number and frequency of appointments you require.

Subjective Assessment

At your initial visit you will be asked questions regarding your general health, medical history and current complaint. You will be asked about how the problem started, where your symptoms occur, what aggravates them and what eases them. The better you know your problem the easier it is for us to help you! The most important thing we need to know is what aims you have regarding your treatment.

Physical Assessment

A physical examination will take place which, in addition to determining which structure is causing the problem, seeks to discover what factors may be contributing to it. The physiotherapist will then examine the areas involved. If the spine, arms or legs need to been examined, please have shorts on hand to change into.

Diagnosis & Explanation

Your condition/problem will be diagnosed and the physiotherapist will explain why you are getting the problem in the first place. Often we will use models of the joint and muscles involved so that we leave you with a clear idea about what is going on. This is in some ways the most important aspect of the first session so ask as many questions as you like!

Treatment & Treatment Options

The Physiotherapist will then discuss with you the options avaliable to treat your problem. We will explain what techniques we can use, and where possible, suggest the different treatments available. This will enable you to make an informed choice regarding your treatment options. We will then tell you how long we, and how many treatments we expect you will reqire. Stockport Physio also puts great importance into teaching you exercises and advise as to changes in lifestyle that may speed up recovery and prevent recurrence.

The first session will also involve treating the problem as well as assessing it.

Follow Up

If you need more sessions we will book them at your convenience... Our aim is your quick recovery, and as little disruption as possible to your life.

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